How to record system audio output

how do i use cantabile to record the system audio output ie whatever is coming out of the soundcard ? i am assuming this requires some type of loopback. funnily, i even did this myself in cantabile a few years ago. now i cant remember how ! pls see the attached image. i actually managed to create a stereo audio input which takes input from the main stereo outputs ! now i am on a different audio interface & unable to recreate it.

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Easiest way

i did that ! the audio file came out blank .

I’m guessing you still need the loopback audio device.

There are several, but I like Nvidia broadcast.

Would you mind testing it, or some alternate version?

Alternatively: Is your computer audio going through cantabile’s audio chain?

Hope one of those questions point you in the right direction.


I’m interested to know this as well. I wanted to ask the same thing a while ago
I never got to it.

Edit: I figured it out just like the pictures above by @cpaolo.
play back the file with cantabile media player and no problem.

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I didnt