How to organize VSTs, Soundbanks, Sounds,


Hi folks,
how do you organize your VSTs (2/3, 32/64, …), sounds and soundbanks - do you just leave it all in the folder of the special application or in the appdata-area? How do you keep things clear and transparent?
Regards from Cologne


You’ll probably get a multitude of answers, but here’s my take: when I install a new VST, I ALWAYS make sure I that I place the 64-bit VST2 DLL under a common folder: C:\Music\Plugins\VST2\VST64. (I don’t have any 32-bit VSTs currently, but I also have a C:\Music\Plugins\VST2\VST32\ folder in case I did. Then I can set those 2 folders as the only folders that Cantabile needs to scan when looking for VSTs.

I also (as much as reasonably practical) try to put any sample libraries under C:\Music\Content. All of my Cantabile files such as Songs, Rack, and SetLists (but not the EXE and DLLs that make up the Cantabile app) under C:\Music\Cantabile.

Note that I don’t try the program for each VST under the C:\Music folder, just the plugin and any instruments, programs,and samples that I create or import.

By putting all of the files that I would want to back up under one place (C:\Music), it makes backups – or my recent migration to a new laptop – much easier.


Exactly. All 64-bit VSTs in one place, samples in one place, other content in one place. Easy to backup and find.