How to mend a broken rack?

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Hi all

I am working on a linked rack for IKM Syntronik with currently 70 states referring to different presets. I had now three times after a restart that that rack did not work anymore and caused Cantabile to stall (likely because I was messing with another plugin, and saved the song incl all racks). Basically the multisamples do not load. I guess the other plugin messed something up in the Syntronik file?

So two times I started from scratch again…

Is there a smart way to check a rack and see what might be the issue?

I know the rack-file can be easily accessed in e.g. Notepad. Made some minor changes in the past to racks with Notepad, and that works ok.

Any help on this welcome


It’s bit hard to say what might be going on here and you’ll probably have to diagnose it with a bit of divide and conquer and/or trial and error.

What you could try is using a text editor to patch the rack file and set the run mode of various plugins to unloaded and try loading it again.

eg: change:

"runMode": "Running",


"runMode": "Unloaded",

Note, if the rack has multiple states you might need to adjust the saved states for the plugin too else loading the rack might load the state and then apply the running run mode over the top.


Thanks Brad, I’ll give it a go. I could locate those runMode’s in the rackfile already

It seems to be a Syntronik-only related issue. Both VST2 and VST3 versions inside a new linked rack show this behaviour of ‘stalling’ and then crashing Cantabile. Error reports are not generated. I had a new fresh rack with only 2 states crashing upon saving and reloading it. Will check further

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