How to make a CC momentary with the FCB1010?

On the FCB switches are latching(not using Uno or Eureka, I have stock chip). But in C3 I only have the option for on, off, or toggle. It works ok in toggle but I’d like to have it act as momentary, only while holding it down. Any ideas on how to do that? For toggling, in Bindings I have Action set as Controller (Switch) and Value is toggle… tried setting it to Controller and played with different values but no luck. But I have a feeling that the values are the key here, or a midi filter… but i can’t seem to find a way to do it.

On the FCB, IIRC I can set the 2 CC fields in the FCB Editor to the same controller channel and number, and can send a 0 value on release, which would be great, but I need the 2nd CC for another channel. Maybe I need the Uno chip?

hi Tom,

i can’t remember many specifics but found the original rom very frustrating. the expression pedals stopping sending date whenever another button was pressed was one of the main reasons i switched to a custom rom.
my FCB1010 has faulty ram and i’ve since repaired my FC-300. hence, i’ve got an UNO rom + editor and the FCB-505 rom available at knock down prices if you’re interested.

Thanks for the offer Neil. Since my post I dug up an old yamaha sustain pedal that sends momentary, with a Red Expression adapter… so i solved it for the moment. But i might be interested in the uno chip… does it allow any button to be momentary or latched, in Non stompbox mode? I think it might be only the switch relays/bank switches…?

with the uno chip, i remember that the bottom row could be either momentary or latched but i could only get the top row to be latched.