How to jump to any state with one button?


I want to bind individual buttons on my controller (nanokontrol2 - e.g. the S -or solo buttons) to individual states so that I can instantly, randomly jump e.g. from state 1 to 5 to 2 to 4 by pressing a relevant button on my controller without having to scroll back or forth. Right clicking each state to create bindings I see quite a lot of potential options but haven’t managed to find a combination that works. Using program change I also haven’t found an option that works.

Basically I want each state to be a different keyboard setup, (e.g. state one (S1) piano only, S2 piano lh/organ rh, S3 E.piano only, S4 piano lh/vibes rh, etc). So I can just randomly switch straight from one to any other during solos etc as most of my live playing is jazz where both the numbers and the backing/soloing are not preplanned.


There’s a couple of ways to set this up, depending on what events those 5 buttons are sending (and whether you can re-configure them).

The easiest way is if each button can be configured to send a program change event. Then you could use a single simple binding like the following, which says whenever a program change is received from the Main Keyboard, load the state with the matching program number:

If the buttons aren’t configurable like this and can only trigger different CC numbers, then you’ll need five bindings. eg: suppose the buttons are configured to send CCs 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20, you’ll need bindings like this (copy/paste is your friend here)

If you can configure all buttons to send the same CC number, but each a different value when pressed, you could use a single binding like this, which says whenever a CC 16 is received from the Main Keyboard, load the state with a program number matching the CC value received:

Make sense?



Many thanks Brad, I’ll have a closer look at the weekend.


Thanks brad, I’ve got it working now with CC. I was doing what you suggested but maybe what was missing was getting the last column right. However I’m still not able to do exactly what you’ve shown; I can’t figure out how to get anything in the action column, mine is blank. Instead I’ve got numbers in the next column called “value”; 1,2,3 etc and not #001 etc and this works.

Anyway, problem fixed, although I’m using the value column and can’t figure how to use the action column.


Hi Paul,

I saw your post and I think what happened is that you selected “Load State by Program (Instant)” instead of “Load State with Program (Instant)”. Both are available but are different to program. Hope this explains it :slight_smile:



Hi Dave, you’re right, well spotted, many thanks for that.