How to force a binding to consume a midi event?

I play live, and have one Cantabile song file per song my band covers. For each song file I’d like to have an associated media player #1 that is loaded with the original recording so I can practice to it. Being lazy, I’d like to configure all media player #1 to start and stop playing when I tap on a drum pad on one of my midi controllers, without having to re-create that binding on every song file. So far so good; I have made the bindings in the global rack and it works as promised. Another big advantage for me over Cantab 2!

But, the global rack binding does not consume the midi event (the key-on event on channel 10 from one midi port) as Cantabile 2 did. Instead it passes it along to whatever racks I have loaded in my particular song, which announces my action with a “boink” of whatever sound is loaded to play on that channel. Not the end of the world since this scenario only occurs during rehearsal, but: is there a way to tell the global rack to consume the event? Cantabile 2 used to consume the event once bound to the media player, so this is a change.

All that said, this is just a minor annoyance. I’m really liking Cantab 3!

Hi Jim,

Right click on the binding and set the routing mode to suppress.

More details here.


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You, sir, are amazing. Thank you!

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