How to find what controller number for a synth?


Hi guys,

I want to set different macros levels in this synth per state in C3.
Seems that the controller number is not there?
How can I do this best?


If you see the slider you want to control, you can right-click and make a binding. Then you could have the binding with different targets per Song or Rack State.


Thx, seems that these macros are not in it, although I created a midi CC binding in the synth itself for it.
(I moved the macro and went through the list, did’t see it)
Is there a way?


If you were able to assign a CC to these macro controls within the synth itself, why not simply create a state switch binding that sends the specific CC/value to the plugin?

The only downside of this is that you can’t simply capture the current value of the macro into the binding - you have to type in the value and test how it sounds (to manually send the value, hit the “play” triangle symbol on the left of the binding).

I do this all the time e.g. with Wurly trem values or string levels - assign CC send to state load and fine-tune.




Now that’s a smart way! Will try! Thx


Ok I tried, and works :slight_smile:
just not sure, how do I assign this to different states to have different values ?
state 1 value 0
state 2 value 127
I added the value to the cc in the binding but it stays the same when I switch.

I did it with double bindings now, and enable/disable. Correct so?


There is an easier way: set the state behavior of that binding to “target” - then you can set different values for every state. Simply select the state, change the value and then press CTRL-U (update state). The new value is now saved with the state.




yessssss! better :slight_smile:
thx, learned again