How to find VST Instruments that load in Cantabile

I am new to Cantabile and have figured out my way around the program and setting up routes. I recently purchased a EWI 5000 wind synth and am looking to set up midi accompaniment (i.e. music minus one aka karaoke) for all the great classical stuff I used to enjoy when I played oboe (I sucked at making reeds so had to quit). I can connect the wind synth to the TyreN6 pluging and can get music out the other end. I can also add a midi file in media player, route it to the TyreN6 and get the accompaniment. But of course it sounds dreadful but I am pumped that with the right pieces I should be able to make this work well. I down loaded the Spritfire free BBC Symphony Plugin but can’t get it to load in the Cantabile Performer Demo (When I manually try to load the dll it states that is “Not built for this platform”). Where can I get VST instruments that work in cantabile? Do I need other software bits (i.e. another synth) to make them work? I am willing to pay money or (use demos) but want to start cheap until I am assured everything will work. What little “free” stuff out there seems pretty sketchy security wise. Thanks so much.


I use the BBC Symphony Orchestra 64bit - it works fine in Performer.

Are you using Cantabile 64bit? - that’s recommended

Unfortunately the Demo is the 32 bit version so maybe that is why it isn’t working. Are you using the free version or the full price version? If the freeware version is working for you, I will buy a real license to get the 64 bit version. Thanks


It turns out both x86 and 64 bit versions were installed but when I searched in the start menu the first time I got the former (50-50 chance!). I found the x86 version and voila! it the BBC symphony loads right up! I am very excited. Thanks!!


Glad you got that sorted out - BBC Symphony has good ensembles (sections).