How to find/enable triggers?

I came across this post while searching on how to create a trigger in C3 similar to how triggers were handled in C2, and came across this thread: Song load trigger

I’m seeing screenshots from Torsten where there is a ‘Show Notes’, ‘Routing’, ‘Bindings’ and then ‘Triggers’ option right under the metronome. I’m not seeing the ‘Triggers’ option in my Cantabile 3, and can’t seem to find how to enable it. Hoping someone can guide me on how to enable the Triggers page? Thanks.

Hi zorkiii,

That feature was absorbed by the bindings page in later versions, you make your trigger assignments there.



Thanks, I did look there previously, but wasn’t finding a clear way to get what I needed created.

What I am looking to do is have some triggers execute on song load, to send program changes to a few keyboards and a mixer. I also need to send a program change to a mixer on song unload, or when the song is changed. I’m not seeing a ‘Song Load’ or ‘Song Unload’ option - hoping someone might have some advice on how I would set this up?


Hey zorkiii,

You can do this with bindings like below,

you just customize for your external midi devices …



I forgot to reply to this, thank you! I was up and running with triggers right after your screenshot, I appreciate it.