How to filter SUSTAIN (CONTROLLER 64) only to a range of notes?

Hello. I have 3244 Performer and need to filter the SUSTAIN pedal #64 comand to the lower half of the keyboard.
How can I do this? I have tried to use several MIDI FILTER commands options but I cannot find the way.

Any help is appreciatted.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried using a split with two routes? Set up two routes to the same vst. Have one split only to the lower keys, and one split only to the upper keys. Add the filter only to the route that plays the keys you don’t want to sustain.

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Yes, before asking in the communty I tried adding a SUPRESS EVENTS for 64, but the route for the upper keys send the sustain also to the second route.
After reading your response I have found the solution by using to different midi channels AND two different instances of the VST module (Kontakt in this case)
THANKS A LOT for the inspiration.
Happy 2020

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I was going to suggest that - the synth would have to support sustain per note or something, and I’m not even sure that’s A Thing. The way you did it (two instances of the same virtual instrument) would be my strategy. With Kontakt you might even be able to use two instances of the synth in a single instance of Kontakt, and route the audio out to separate channels if you wanted to. Might be a little easier on the resources of your computer if you have a mix with a lot going on.

Hi Tulsa
Thanks for your message. Yes, I gonna try to use just one Kontakt instance.
Cheer. Happy 2020

I run a routing that’s Only sustain messages.

If I need a split, I’ll assign it via the the routing

Just one thing that’s important to understand: Sustain (CC64) is a global command that applies to the complete instrument you’re sending it to. Sustain is not bound to individual notes - it is either on or off for the whole instrument.

So in order to restrict it to a certain key range, you’re going to have to use two parallel instruments (or two copies of the same instrument) and create two routes from your keyboard to these instruments.

On one of these routes, you filter out the sustain pedal with the “Suppress Events” filter, on the other you leave it on. In the route properties, you set the key ranges for these routes, so that the one with the sustain pedal filtered only plays the lower keys and the other only the upper keys (or whatever way you want to have it).

If you want to use Kontakt, you can set up two instances of the same instrument within one instance of Kontakt - that helps your RAM utilization, because Kontakt can re-use the same samples. Just make sure that the two instances are assigned to different MIDI channels and then set up your two routes so that they re-map the input to these different MIDI channels.

One thing that helps with such funky setups is the abstraction of your input in a rack with dedicated outputs. I’ve done this with all my controllers - created racks that provide separate outputs for notes, modwheel, aftertouch, sustain, sustenuto and expression.

This makes it a breeze to create more complex setups like yours:




Thank you everybody. Great community.