How to execute a midi command upon opening a session?

Hi, I’m trying to have Cantabile 2 Solo execute a midi command when I open a song (“session”).

My ultimate goal is to simply to link and sync my Cantabile Set list with my song notes in a word doc. Right now I have to open the song in C2, then select the song in my notes. It would be faster and easier to automatically send a midi command when the song opens, use a midi translator to translate that to a keyboard shortcut, and go to a specific page in my word document, which has my notes for that song. Alternatively, the command could open a single png or jpeg of my notes for that one song.

BTW I tried Torsten’s Liveprompter, which is very cool, but I’d have to re-create and reformat all my notes for 100+ songs, 2 different bands, etc. I spent a couple hours with it and was able to get some songs saved, but it has some attributes that make it not suited for me… plus I don’t need scrolling.

Currently all my notes are in a word document, 1 page per song, and I use color codes and bolding for different kinds of notes (i.e my midi sax notes are purple, my guitar notes are yellow, my song structure/vocals notes are white). It works really well for me… each song/page is hyperlinked, and I have a one-finger keyboard shortcut to get to my page 1 table of contents from anywhere in the doc. So I just click the hyperlinked song in my table of contents and I’m there. Plus I can customize the window size. But that makes 2 separate apps that I need to select for each song… not the fastest approach.

I’ve played with External Tools a bit but after reading the manual section 3 times I still don’t quite get it, and I don’t even think that will do what I need… sorry, I have no coding skills whatsoever. And Solo doesn’t have triggers. And C3 doesn’t seem to allow as much space or the formatting I need for my notes, plus given the conversion challenges from C2, I’m not up for re-doing my 100+ songs at this point.

IDK, maybe this is impossible and I’ll have to bite the bullet, and do a lot of work to get this set-up right. I thought of an alternative, where I simply have a midi track in each song with the one command… so I open the song and hit play (I can probably assign a keyboard shortcut for that, so it’s a bit faster). So that could work, I guess, but I’d rather eliminate as many keystrokes and mouse clicks as possible.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

OK, I just spent the last 2 hours playing with Bome’s midi translator classic and I got it to work rather well. Programming the Bom’es was a little funky because there isn’t a tutorial for the classic version, I was having trouble using an ALT+Esc command to make the Word window active to enter a page number. Finally I went with an Alt+Tab and it took.

So now I select a song/session in C2, hit the spacebar to play the very short midi file I created, and I’m instantly on the page I want.

It would still be nice to execute the command once you select the song, so if anyone has a solution that would be cool I’ll create a new thread on using notes with C2 in case it helps someone. OTOH, it seems like mostly everyone has made the change to C3, so this may be moot!
In case it helps someone, (it can be virtually any midi command, I’m currently using pgm #s on midi ch 7, a channel I don’t use for anything else.

Hi @twaw,

As mentioned on your other post. This awkwardin Solo but handled by triggers in Performer (v2 and v3)