How to edit custom events

I had been using V2 for 4 or 5 years in Japan.
Belatedly, I began to use V3 from today.
I found there are many differences between v2 and v3
and I have to study them for a while.

This is my first question :
I use custom triggers in V2 to change sub sessions or turn score pages of pdf
assigning them to unused keys of my MIDI keyboard.
I could not find edit custom trigger menu in V3.
Please let me know how to do.

Hi @Gaap,

It’s in the trigger event menu:

To edit an existing one, click the right arrow on the button (or press enter)

In either case you’ll then be presented with a popup to enter the custom event number.


Thank you very much Brad.
But I want to know about editing source of custom event.
Such as assignment within “MIDI controller assignment” in V2.
I’m very sorry for my poor explanation.

Ah, custom triggers are invoked via bindings. eg, you might bind a button on your controller to a trigger like this:

Thank you very much Brad.
OK I understood.

The score PDF is opened automatically when the song is loaded.
Page of the score is turned by pressing particular keys. (in this case C3, D3)

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