How to do this diagram

Spent so much time trying to figure this all out as a nooby, I drew this all out to see if it made sense and how to do it ….
Hopefully, I’m making sense here…
So here are 3 different clarifications of what I hope to do.
A. Stab at Overview explanation of possibilities
B. A couple diagrams


  1. Just need to play 6string guitar as usual with a consistent steady sound, ( 1/2 MG2 piano__presently working great.

  2. ALSO: Need the lower E string triggering a bass drum hit.

  3. PLUS: EAD strings = bassline


  1. the upper register Gbe strings triggering sustained orchestral or cello, supporting background movement.

  2. AND. Upper register Gbe triggering HiHat or such.

My playing style developed over decades does this already, but I need more dynamics in addition to that:

• bass,
• drums,
• orchestral supporting atmosphere

Then of course ultimately a singing chorus

This I intend to be recorded live or ultimately performed live

PLEASE NOTE: The pickup is a HEX I will appoint top 3 strings EAD___ & ___bottom 3 strings Gbe TO GO OUT LEFT AND RIGHT. In other words top 3 are the lower bass sound / bottom 3 > the higher treble sound.

Rather than 6 strings out 6 channels, JUST 2 sets out L & R

Of course would rather, just the onboard Taylor pickup go through interface and accomplish this digitally.________________________________________

How are you accomplishing note detection?