How to delete a MIDI port?

I uninstalled Groove Shaper from Pitch Innovations and cannot get rid of the Groove Shaper STANDALONE setting in the MIDI ports options tab. I uninstalled the software with the Revo uninstaller and can’t find anything left from this app. But it still shows up in Cantabile 4 free edition. My next step was to reinstall Cantabile but I decided to ask for help in the forum.


A quick first answer, Before you uninstall Cantabile, I believe that this is a Windows thing. Do a search on how to delete unused usb ports. I am sure that there are others that can give you a more complete answer. Welcome to Cantabile.


Thank you so much for your input.
I did a search in Device Manager and found a Groove Shaper entry in the Software Devices category. Deleting this did not work but I looked in Devices and Printers and found the Bome Virtual MIDI Groove Shaper Standalone port, I deleted this device and my problem was solved.


Hope this helps someone in the future. :wink:

Yes, a driver thing. Deleting it from the Device Manager will solve the issue.