How to crossfade between song states?

I’ve read a few older posts about putting a plug in the background rack, or having the plugin you want to decay smoothly be active on the next song state. But I have many situations where I want to crossfade between song states, where the next state has a different reverb or effect for the same plug-in. Or sometimes it’s just because there’s a noticeable click on the change, maybe a different guitar amp or even a different instrument.
I know I could add instances of the plugins in question, like have another reverb in the next state, which is clearly going to be needed and so far seems like the best way…but I’m wondering if there’s a simpler, easy way. I’m pretty familiar with bindings and have looked through the options there, but I don’t see anything for an automated fade.

There are several fader racks - some automated - that @dave_dore created over the last few years. I wonder if any of those can be purposed to your needs?

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Thanks Terry! I just read through Dave’s posts on that topic, I think that should work. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

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Do you think that the fader racks approach could achieve this crossfade between solo and ensemble cello?

From the Video Description:

We used four instances of Audio Modeling’s SWAM Cello, hosted in Ableton Live 9, transposed them to different pitches, and mapped the Sylphyo’s Elevation CC to Live’s “crossfade” control, …

I ended up not using the fader racks, I used a post-instrument reverb. But the fader racks are awesome and would definitely work, it takes some time to get it set though. For that video clip faders would work, but I think you could do it by just adding another rack or plug for the ensemble, and enable/disable midi routes in 2 song states. Or adjust volumes. A touch of reverb on the solo cello would help the transition too.

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