How to create a midi-controllable variable?

Hey people,

here is what I’d like to do and I hope you can help me. I’d like to send a specific controlchange and its value to C3. Both should be stored in a variable and send out on song load. So this would f.e. allow the user to store presets of an external synthesizer in Cantabile.
I think this shouldn’t be an impossible task… but I’m stuck here…

Any help is very appreciated.


Not clear what you want. You said you want to send a control change and its value TO Cantabile 3.
Then said it "should be stored in a variable and sent OUT (of C3) on song load.

So, you want to trigger C3 to pass a received value back out to a synth holding the received value until song load?


Yes, you are right!

Let me explain it more deeply.
I want to build a small controller unit which has displays build it. In this controller I have implemented a list of tracknames like “Piano”, “EPiano”, “SynthPad”, etc. pp. Each name is assigned to a specifiy controlchange and it’s value f.e. if you send CC0 with a value of 0 to the controller, it shows “Piano”. If you send CC0 with value 1 it shows “EPiano” and so on.
I know that it’s not a problem to let C3 send a defined CC out if a song get’s loaded. But I don’t want to set the value of this CC by entering a number in Cantabile. I’d like to use an encoder to scroll through the tracknames (or with other words: through the CC values), store this value in C3 and send it out again on song load.

In the end all I need is a plugin, that has one single knob! I’d assign the encoder to it and route the output of the knob back to the controller unit… but I have no clue if something like this exists :slight_smile: