How to copy a plugin into a rack


So sometimes I use a basic plugin, or have set up a song with just a plugin (VST instrument), to test and see which instrument I want to use in a song. Then I decide to add a compressor, etc. and so I make a new rack… but I can’t drag or copy the instrument I’ve just tweaked up nicely, into the rack. Is there a way to do this?


Hi Lowell,

Are you referring to copy and paste of multiple objects? If so you can select your group you made at song level using shift + click if all in line, Ctrl + click if scattered and you can also drag and mark on the 3 bar lane on the left of the objects. Don’ select the input route. You then cut them …

Open the new rack and paste them in.

Then change the input route source to Rack Stereo In and the output of the last Vst in the chain to Rack Stereo Out.

Rack is now made and you can route to it at song level. Hope this was what you were thinking …



Awesome, that worked, thanks! I thought I tried that but I guess not.