How to control volume of hardware synthesizer using sysex?


I use beside my VSTi also a lot of sysex files which opens presets of my hardware
synthesizers while switching through songs/states.

The loaded sysex are sometimes too loud or too quiet.

How could I influence the volume incl. saving in songs/states?

The easiest way to do this could be to send CC7 to your synth - most MIDI implementations accept CC7 as volume. You can do that via a SongState–>OnLoad binding.

Try this: set your binding to a value of CC7:100 first; then compare with other patches, then adjust up or down to taste



Hi @Torsten,

thank you very much! Works! :slight_smile:

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In order to control the volume/loudness of each individuell hardware sysex, the following worklow works for it:

So, one binding line to define the sysex and a second binding line to control the volume.
Important: the two binding lines has to have the status “enabled” (left side “state behavior”)

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If you only need this Rack for Midi and no Audio you also can bind the Volume CC7 to your Output Gain Slider (but you first must aktivate the State Behavior for this Part)

so you can adjust the Volume for each state directly with your Slider and you need only one binding for this.


Thx for the info.
Where I have to do the described binding?
Would it be possible to change the volume “live” by volume knob midi?

Most things in midi are possible …
but it looks not as nice than a real mixing console
later when i am on my instrument i will take a look at this Point

What i don’t understand:
you will make a volume change in Cantabile for each preset? also you can adjust each preset directly into your Synth and store it correctly.

What I want to achive is, to play VSTi patches together/mixed with hardware synthesizer patches.
This works.
The output gain for VSTi is very easy to handle via midi hardware knob binding.
In order to have the right volume mix between VSTi and hardware synthesizer patches, I have to adjust also the
volume of the hardware synthesizers.
And yes, I have to adjust the hardware synthesizer patches individually, cause the patches have (very) various
volumes if I start playing. This works pretty good in adjusting via CC 7 in C3.
I don’t want to adjust all hardware synthesizer patches directly within my e.g. Motif XS8.

Where I’m struggle now is the thing, then I would adjust the “whole” output gain for all. VSTi patches works via midi knob midi volume. But I have no way so far also to adjust with the same midi knob while playing (louder/quieter) the volume of the hardware synthsizer. Yes, I could do that with the original hardware synthesizer knob. But then I have to set the volume manually…first VSTi midi output gain (knob binding) and second the the volume slide on the hardware synthesizer.

But I don’t understand the sense of this.

Example if you need a piano it makes no sense to have one Piano State with one Volume because
maybe in the next song you need the same Piano but louder…
in the end you have the same piano with 127 Volume’s …

it only makes sense to build one complete Preset in the synth and then adjust the complete Volume of this Patch for a specific song maybe in Cantabile…but only for finetuning

also you would do it with a mixing Console

Problem… delaytime if you load a new preset makes it a little bit tricky

Hi @Juergen, thx for the info/feedback.

My aim is, combine VSTi patches with hardware synthesizer presets.
Therefore I built a rack in C3 with all synthesizer (best of) presets (sysex/bulk data behind).
In order to FLEXIBLE combine now VSTi and synthesizer presets, I have to adjust/mix the volumes
for all devices. Building own presets in my hardware devices wouldn’t make sense, cause
the volume mix per e.g. song states is always various.
In your example with “same Piano”…in one mix/state I need it louder in another state less volume.
I would need to store several presets with different volumes for one and the same preset.

To be very flexible with my volume mix, I found actual this link in our forum:

This works from first experience pretty good.
I guess this comes very near to your “mixing console” proposal. Or?

Hi, with my new/additional hardware synthesizer I come back to this topic :slight_smile:

I adjusted my generated “Output gain” rack and did obvouisly some mistakes in order to adjust it for
the new hardware synthesizer So, I lost it, cause I forgot, how I get it worked in the past :persevere:

Perhaps, you can help me again:

I want indidivual adjust the gain/loudness of my hardware synthesizer (control 7), if I switch to another rack state. So I would save per rackstate the individual gain of the synthie.
My following solution (out of this thread) doesn’t work (don’t know, where is the error/missing setting):
The 2 binding lines for the output rack =
First Line: Source = Output Port Synthie
Event = Controller 7
Target = Rack Output Gain
Value = 0,127 > 14,0 db
Second Line: Source = Rack States On load
Target = Output Port Synthie Ch:1
Action = Controller 7
Value 127

Routing of the Rack “Output Gain” Rack:
Source = Rack: Midi In
Output Port = Rack: Midi Out
Control = Omni

Is where something wrong/missing?
Do I need also an additional Input Port?