How to configure a microphone

Hello I have watched a tutorial to have cantabile but he did not say how to improve his microphone and have a radio voice, well he did it but PAY and I have no money. If anyone could help me it would be nice

Thank you for your understanding.

Hi Lou-Max…welcome to the forum.

A few questions…are you using an audio interface? What kind of microphone are you using, as in, a usb mic, a standard type like an SM58, or a bluetooth mic, etc.? Which video did you watch? What, exactly, are you trying to achieve?

Hi Corky
I am using a UM1 BIRD in USB the video I watched is:
I would like to know how to make a radio type voice. Thanks for any help.

Learn how to speak like Gary Owens? :joy:

(Sorry, ‘60s humor.)


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radio-like (or phone-like) effect is very easy to achieve. All that you need is a VST multi-band filter. Check this page to start. After a bit of experiments, you will find a good radio effect.

And, please, do not use cracked software. Waves makes great professional plugins, but the effect you are looking for is just a simple filter. Choose a free one.

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So…are you wanting to sound like the guy in the video, or the ability to broadcast like him?

What others said and also a lot of compression. Even a RE20 (a broadcast industry standard mic) isn’t going to sound very “broadcast” without compression… I personally prefer hardware comp for this task, but the freebie VST in Melda’s freepack will likely be good enough for now.


Are you a Cantabile user? You mentioned it in your original post.