How to change the arpeggiator tempo

I am feeling a bit lazy to ask you everything…but you don’t have to answer…but if you will I am happy…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Now I start to need an arpeggiator function in my life, to play for example Kate Perry’s “Wide Awake”. But when I open an Synth VST there is no big button called TEMPO/SPEED. Why? Are all arpeggiators with fixed speed, I don’t think so. For example on the plugin Xpand!2, is it possible to change the speed?
Or even better if the arpeggiator could follow my tempo when I am playing…but maybe I am asking to much now.

Hey @kalle,

in most VST instruments, the tempo is controlled by the host (DAW or Cantabile). So they will pick up the tempo you set in Cantabile up here:


The tempo is a per-song setting, so it is saved with the song file, but you can also set it per song state (SongState–>OnLoad binding) or manually tap it by clicking on the note symbol. Tap Tempo can also be assigned to a controller or a note, so if you have a spare button on your keyboard or controller, you can assign that to tap tempo via a binding.

Whatever tempo you have set will be propagated to all synth and effects plugins in you song, so not only arpeggiators will follow the tempo, but also tempo-based delay effects (or you can sync LFOs to host tempo on a number of soft synths if you want to).



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That´s fantastic!!! I didn’t know that…and even tempo-based delay, wow!!!
That explain why I never see a tempo button :smile:

Many many thanks Torsten