How to bypass a rack?

Hi, I have been evaluating Cantabile for a few weeks and it seems great and very flexible, but I cannot find a way to bypass a rack. How can I do this?

“Usually” things don’t go through a normal rack. (There are utility Racks, but that is pretty advanced stuff).

So, maybe you have a MIDI Route from e.g. Main Keyboard to Rack1, then an Audio Route from Rack1 to Main Speakers. The MIDI Route terminates in Rack1. The Audio Route comes out of the Rack (from the VST in the Rack) and goes to the speakers. Thus Routes don’t usually go through Racks.

Maybe you mean “Suspend” a Rack? I find it’s often helpful to Suspend a Rack (clicking on the green “LED”). That will mute the Rack and any processing you have going on in the Rack.

What are you trying to accomplish? Pictures of the routing? Screenshots would help explain a lot.