How to bind sustain pedal?

Feel a bit stupid, but didnt get sustain pedal working. Tried to add global rack binding: used learn, set event controller 64, and tried different targets.


Hi @pimeehosee

Are you trying to bind the sustain pedal to something other that “sustain”. If you just want sustain to work in your instrument plugin - it should just work (assuming the plugin supports it).

If you want to use the sustain pedal to control something different then you should be able to do it with bindings.

Let me know what you’re after.


Hi Brad!

I’m trying to use the pedal for sustain. In Cantabile 2 it worked automatically, but with 3 it doesn’t. Would it be because the keyboard is on channel 1 and the pedal is on channel 4?


OK, different channels shouldn’t matter unless you’ve changed the relevant MIDI routes from their default of “Omni”, or unless the plugin is sensitive to the channel.

If you load just the one plugin and then expand the Input Ports group so you can see the source route and press the sustain pedal, do you see the MIDI activity indicators at the far right of each slot light up. You should see two leds light up on the source route (to indicate MIDI events arriving at the route and being sent by the route). and one on the plugin slot (to indicate receipt of MIDI events).

Something like this:

You might also get a clue by inspecting the MIDI events by selecting the source route and choosing View → MIDI Monitor.


Thanks Brad!

Did some research. The problem is with Kontakt 4 only. It gets the midi signal of the pedal in, but doesnt seem to work. Tried different instruments in Kontakt also and checked that the pedal settings are ok in Kontakt. In Cantabile 2 the same Kontakt patches works.

Any ideas?


Found out some more: if I turn midi in channel from omni to 4 in Kontakt, the pedal works. So is there a way to change the incoming pedal signal to channel 1? My keyboard is also on the channel 1.

Weird thing is that Kontakt wont make the channel 4 pedal signal work on omni, but all other controls from the same channel 4 works on omni mode.


Found a solition, even though it doesnt make sense for me:

I just changed the input sources midi route like this: omni - 4, and voila!


Very strange! If you set that MIDI route to omni-same, and when it’s selected go to the View->MIDI Monitor menu, what do you see in the monitor window when you press the sustain pedal?

Hi Neil,

Its the same info on omni-4 and omni-same: ch 4 controller 64.


That sounds weird then - so you’re sending controller 64 on channel 4, but it only works if you send it through an mapping from omni to channel 4, even though that have no effect in your channel 4 data.

If that’s correct, it sounds like it could be a bug…?

Yes thats how it is. But only with Kontakt4. In Cantabile 2, there was no problem though.

Anyway, love this new 3 more every second. Sweet and clear compared to 2. :relaxed:



I’m having the same issue, but in Cantabile 2. I have a show in a couple weeks so I didn’t want to mess with 3 till after that.

I’m using a Roland D-50 as a controller with Cantabile Performer 2
My Kontakt vst and many others don’t acknowledge the sustain pedal.
When I go to the Midi Setup window, here’s what I see:

Push down sustain pedal - Controller 64 on Lexicon Mac USB channel 1
If I hit a note on the keyboard and push down the pedal when I release the note I get - Controller 123 on Lexicon Mac USB channel 1
If I hit the note on the “onscreen” keyboard in Cantabile it works fine.

I’ve figured out just enough to be dangerous so any help would be awesome before I take a dive into Cantabile 3 (which looks awesome by the way)



Reading through the above, the bit about Omni->4 making it work, makes me think this is a channel issue.

Sounds like you’ve got notes on channel 1, and sustain pedal on channel 4 so Kontakt won’t be sustaining the notes because they’re on a different channel. When you set Cantabile’s route to Onmi->4, Kontakt will be seeing everything on channel 4 (including the notes) and therefore sustaining them.

The question is what you would expect the correct behaviour of an instrument in omni mode to be when the notes and pedals are on different channels. Arguments could probably be made both ways and I don’t recall seeing this mentioned in any MIDI docs.