How to bind a pgm change in background rack for different mixer scenes?

Just trying to send a pgm number to a Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2 mixer. Only thing is C3 won’t let me enter a PGM number, when in song level. Tried Pgm Change, Pgm (Banked), Song State, etc.

My end goal is for 3 songs where someone else sings lead, to have C3 change the mixer scenes for just those 3 songs. So I have 4 mixer scenes total… 1 for almost all of them with the lead singer (scene 1), then 3 more scenes for 3 different lead singers.

Ideally, I think I should do this in the background rack, which allows me to enter a pgm number… but there doesn’t seem to be a way to set each song. I’m not sure the best way to do it, or how to bind just those 3 songs and have the main scene 1 on all the other songs.
The image below is a binding at background rack level. I’m on build 3652. (I know I need to update but have some big gigs coming up now and don’t want to take a chance with so little time.)

Why shouldn’t Cantabile let you set a program number at song level? Just tried it - no problems at all:

Maybe you’ve hidden some column on the Bindings page??

TBH: no - settings that are song-specific are best placed within the song. Stuff like setting up external devices is a typical case of that, so putting it inside a song binding would be the better way. But of course that also means that all your songs need to have that mixer setting binding to make sure it doesn’t get stuck in a state it should not be in :wink:



Thanks Torsten. Odd, I tried moving all the columns around to make sure it wasn’t hidden… and had no problem doing it in the bg rack. Hmmm… I’ll take another look tonight. Maybe it’s my older build? Thanks!

Not really - that’s been there for ages.

What you need to check, though, is the source of the binding. You can only define a program change value for “events/triggers” binding, e.g. Song-OnLoad, or on pressing a button (Controller (Button). Other “numerical” sources, e.g. Controller or Note-Any don’t allow you to specify a program change, because they want to convert a source value to a target value (in this case the program number).

Look here: if I use a Controller as a source, I get no value field for program change:

But when I change the source to Controller (Button), the target value field is there:

Hope this helps!