How to backup/transfer C2 to a 2nd laptop?

Sorry if this is answerewed somewhere else, but I looked all over and didn’t find a specific answer. I’m on Cantabile 2 Solo. I want to transfer my files to my backup laptop for gigs. Ideally my backup will mirror my primary, so whenever I do a new transfer, the backup is ready to go. BTW my quesiton only relates to C2… all my plugs and Vstis are fine. And m C2 set lists and session files transfer fine. Issues seem to be:

  1. Getting the soundcard (scarlett 2i4) to show up the same on both machines. When I first got the 2nd laptop I tried a couple of usb ports. Now I can’t seem to delete the “Scarlett USB2” from Cantabile’s memory, and it won’t default to the same as the primary, which is simply “Scarlett USB”. It seems that this isn’t a simple global change, but I need to change it on each song/session…? This is especially true on songs where I have a midi track outputting to the Scarlett’s midi out port, to control external hardware (in this case a mixer).

I’ve played with loopMIDI and can create virtual ports… should I install that on both laptops and create a virtualport1 on both, then C2 will find the soundcard without me having to manually set that? Or is there a better way?

  1. Sample libraries. Even though my file structure is the same, they are of course 2 idfferent machines… so for each song using samples I have to find where the samples are, manually. Then after that it’s fine. I can handle that, it won’t take too long, but it does concern me a little that I might miss something, especially later on as I add new samples.

BTW I’ve read recent posts on using Dropbox and whatnot, but that seems to apply to C3… i.e. I don’t have a config.json file, but there is a config.ini file…

You can use the exact same approach with C2. This assumes you have Cantabile installed correctly on both your machines.
Just create a dropbox folder for your project files. I don’t keep plugins on dropbox and the general consensus around here is that it’s better to maintain your plugins on each respective computer - but be sure to follow the same directory structure and location to avoid possible issues, especially on C2.

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Hi @twaw

Most of what applies to v3 will also apply to v2. The main difference is the v2 doesn’t support moving the settings folder so you’ll need to manually backup/transfer those files yourself.