How to Automatically Play Next Rack State with Midi Note

Please help me figure out what is wrong here. I’m trying to play next embedded rack state automatically using a midi note. I put a midi track with note C1 in media player 2 and made it the master and put backing tracks in media player 1 and made it the slave (Realtime) I have an embedded vocal effects rack with 2 different test states 1 and 2. Then I have a binding to have media player play next state when it gets to note C1. It doesn’t change from test 1 to test 2 and I’ve tried everything I can think of. No state behaviors are checked under media player and all state behavior boxes are checked under rack states. What am I missing here? Thank you kindly.

Hi LowE,

I built a test of the setup you are describing and it worked here. The only thing I can imagine is the MIDI file output isn’t what the binding expects. Can you post the midi file you are using? I could plug it into my test song and see if it treats me the same way.


The other thing that might help here is debug logging the bindings. Go to Tools -> Options -> Diagnostics and enable Console Logger and Log Bindings. That’s list out any bindings as they’re invoked and perhaps provide a hint.

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Thanks Brad, I looked at the log and didn’t see media player 2 firing when it’s supposed to. I used this setup on an older computer with older version of Cantabile and it worked fine but when I try to duplicate it on newer windows 11 computer with updated software it doesn’t work after I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve included the log file here if you can spot anything. Thanks a lot, I’m stumped. BTW I love this program although its been hard for me to get a grasp on.

Hi Brad, I figured out the problem. My Cubase midi track had note C1 for the trigger, but it seems that in Cantabile it needed to be note C2. I tried C0, C1, and C2 3 days ago but it didn’t work then because there must have been another parameter off somewhere else. This time all the possibilities lined up. Thanks.

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