How to apply compressor to browser audio?

Hi, could someone tell me the simplest way to apply a compressor to my browser audio output. I listen to a youtube channel/podcast that doesn’t use a compressor (and they really need to). So as you can imagine I’m always turning the volume up and down.

Could someone tell me please what the simplest way to apply a compressor to my browser output is.


There are some topics here about that :slight_smile:

I did a video showing how to use Voicemeeter Banana’s “Inserts” feature along with Cantabile as the VST host to insert plugins into system audio, etc.


Hi Terry, that video is great, however I need to change the audio that is being input into Cantabile, in the video it’s the mic audio. Could you tell me how to change it so I’m applying the inserts to either one entire audio output (my playback devices) or one single program (like my browser). I’m guessing the former won’t be possible.

That would be my most recent video, then - you will see the similarities. The only real difference is that I send the system audio to the VAIO slider and out the insert from that one.


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I am using Cantabile and Voicemeeter Banana as well to do things like that. But I use Voicemeeters composite patch function for that. The reason is, the insert solution does not allow to route any audio to the outside of Cantabile.

In Cantabile I have several racks. One is named pre-rack. I hold some plugins like eq, compressor and what ever you can think of. Then there is a headphone and a speaker rack holding the equalization for speakers and the other one for headphones.

This is how it looks like:

as racks can not be bypassed but only processing can be switched of I have implemented the routing at the top. There you can bypass all by simply sending the input to the output or enable the headphone or speaker rack. Not the end of the read. Still in development… (;

Anyhow, using the composte mode allows me to address targets outside of Cantabile and Voicemeeter. DAW for example. I set the DAW to VAIO ASIO and can send audio from Cantabile to it.

Works well so far.

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I do thank you both for the help, but this cantabile/voicemeter stuff just seems far too complicated for me.

I will post this in case anyone else has this issue and wants a super simple solution.

You will need four free programs: VB Audio Cable, LoudMax.dll (a limiter), Audio Router, and VSTHost.

Use Audio Router to route your audio (from wherever you please) to the VB Audio Cable.
In VSTHost, drag LoudMax.dll (from an explorer window) onto the interface and it will connect to the input and output, creating a new little box
Click the device menu, then click wave, set input to VB Audio Cable, set output to wherever you want the sound to go. Then experiment to find the lowest sample rate you can use without the sound breaking up.

That’s it! Just click on the white circle with the red line on the green background on the LoudMax’s little box to open it’s interface. Set both sliders to the volume limit you like and there you go.

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