How to adjust Cantabile to the change of computer, drive or partition?

Hi folks,
I want to change the personal paths from a USB-Stick (one folder on a USB-Stick/drive F with setlists, songs, audioplayers and MP3-files in subfolders) to the internal SSD (partition D:). How can I achieve this easily?

  1. Copy the data from the USB stick to the hard disk maintaining the directory structure.
  2. Eject the USB stick
  3. At an administrative command prompt (right click Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator”
  4. Type the following command “subst F: D:”

After doing so, I would recommend you change everything in Cantabile from F: to D: so that if the substitution disappears, everything will still work.

Edit: I just tried this, and the drive letter substitution does not stay after a reboot. So for this to be a more permanent solution, you’ll have to do steps 3 and 4 every time you reboot.

You can hack the subst into the Regisrry. Or create a bat file and put it in the start directory. Or make the subst persistent. Google subst command. I think you put /persistence at the end. Can’t remember the syntax. But it doesn’t work if you run C3 as admin ( jbridge requirement)

Sorry for the slow reply to this. I’ve answered this question a couple of times now but never written in up properly. Today I did. See here:


That’s it! Thank you all :grinning:

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