How does Cantabile handle Pre-loading of Setlist in terms of CPU load? With Preload on, do non-current song plugins use any CPU at all?

Guess I’m a little fuzzy on how Cantabile handles Pre-loading. I use Pre-load exclusively. My understanding of the Profiler and Monitor are that it’s monitoring the current song. So how much cpu is used when a certain plugin is not in the current song, but it is in other songs? In other words, are non-current songs essentially suspended and use negligible CPU? And if so, does having a ton of songs, like 150, in a setlist not pose an issue?

For example, I’m migrating from an older modeler plugin (The Sax Brothers) to newer SWAM saxes. But I’m finding there are certain songs where I want to use the older one. They’re both roughly the same cpu load. Does it add anything to CPU or Timeload if I use both in different songs (but of course not together, that clearly adds CPU). I tried it both ways and couldn’t discern any difference.

Hi Tom,

None, if it isn’t active in the song it uses zero. It is however loaded in memory for other songs in the preloaded set list to access.


Not in my case, I have a setlist with about 350 loaded in it.


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Good to hear. Much appreciated Dave!