How do you reset a rack states sequence automatically when the songs over back to the top of the sequence again?

I’m using an imported midi file with notes placed at different parts of the song to trigger program changes for different guitar sounds during the song. Ex. verse, one sound chorus different sound ect. using a binding and different rack states. Once the song is over I have to manually check the circle next to rack state 1 to start the sequence over with the beginning of the song. Is there a way to automatically have it go from the last rack state at the end of the song to the first rack state automatically when you go back to the beginning of the song? If I forget to set it there will be all the wrong sounds at the wrong time and its an extra step to start a song.

@LowE – I have the same question, and I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it. What I did as a manual shortcut is to add a final state at the end of the song called Loopback. In it, I have a binding that triggers on that State Load to go back to First State. When the song is over, I hit my pedal one last time to reset it before I go on to the next song. It’s a little hacky, and I’d love to hear a better automatic solution , but it works.

dont understand what you want to do but …

did binding Song ‘On Unload’ does not work???

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Thanks for that. I’ll give it a try tomorrow. I’m using a midi track with a note C1 at the point in the song I want to change states, so I’ll just add a note at the end of the song and see if it will loop back. Thanks for the good idea.

Maybe also you should read this…

I got this to work today. I got the rack states to automatically reset back to the first state when the media player is stopped. I’m using audio backing tracks for the whole song that I sing and play guitar to. I have a midi track in media player 2 in sync with the audio track with just midi note c1 to trigger program changes in my helix guitar plugin to the nest state . I created this binding: Media player>is stopped>Helix>select state by index>on off value 1/1. So whenever I stop the media player it automatically resets back to rack state 1 to match the beginning of the song.
I also did your idea and created a rack state for the end of the song called loopback and put a different midi note d1 at the end of the song in the midi track then created the binding: media player 2>midi out Omni >note d1>Helix> select state by index>value 1. So when the song ends and hits d1 it triggers the rack state to go from the last state to the first again ready to go. Only problem is that if you stop the song in the middle the rack state doesn’t go back to the top so I think the first method will work by itself. Hope this works for your usage to. Thanks for the input.

Yeah-- that’s… much better. Didn’t think about using the Song Unload command, but that’s really handy! Thanks!

OVerall, I would suggest to use song states in addition to rack states to step through your song (so first song state has rack set to state 1, second song state has rack set to state 2 etc. Then change your binding to move to the next song state instead of addressing the rack directly.

It makes sense to get used to song states to customize settings to individual sections of your song - once you get to using more than just one plugin (Helix), it will become clear: with one change of song state, you can change the presets for multiple plugins, as well as your routing. Also, you can do some fancy other stuff like trigger sound effects, lights or whatnot on a song state change. So it pays to set up your songs with song states instead of manually stepping through rack states.

When Cantabile loads a song within a set list, it automatically resets it to state 1 - this makes sure that your song really starts the way it should.