How do you make a momentary switch behave like a toggle?

It’s been mentioned in the forum but I can’t find a definitive how-to.
Sorry if I’m going over ground covered already.

How do you make a momentary CC switch behave like a toggle in C3?

I THINK that is the Controller Latch filter, but I’m not at my desk to test it.

You set the CC# and upper and lower values - pretty sure it toggles between them.

Controller Latch

Transforms an incoming MIDI controller button or pedal press to a sequencer of controller

Apply to Channels The MIDI channels this filter should be applied to.

Source Controller The controller number of the source button/pedal.

Target Controller The controller number of events generated by this filter. Can be
the same as the source controller.

Target Values A sequence of controller values. On each press of the source
controller button/pedal the next value in the sequencer will be
generated as a new controller event.

This filter is intended for cycling through VST parameters that have discrete values rather than
continuous controller values. Eg: this could be used to assign a push button to toggle a VST
parameter on/off.

See the Cantabile 2 PDF starting on page 70 for explanations of all the filters.



Hey thanks @terrybritton.
They sound just the ticket. I had actually used them many moons ago but completely forgotten.

They’ll also be great for stepping through waveforms that are changed by a CC slider too.


Been fine tuning my live rig, and I can’t help but be in awe of the community here. Not only is Brad responsive, but so many others (like Terry here).

Every time I need something, I find it on the forum. It’s a great place to have as a resource, and I only hope that I can start helping out myself in the near future.