How do I playback midi recordings that you "auto record" in C3 quickly

I frequently come up with song ideas while playing in C3. I’d like to review them quickly and rename the good ones. How do I get them to play the same rack sound as I’m currently playing? Can you make an option to click on the recording and have a default MIDI route, while still in C3?

To do this add a media player that routes to your rack first.

Then point at the latest recording made in the recordings list and open the containing folder and dragging and dropping the file to the media player


or using the add to media player option in the dropdown

when done it’s loaded and ready to play back

You can rename the recording directly from the Recordings list by left clicking and selecting ‘Rename’

The renamed file will take the same place in the recordings list


You can also edit the files names from the recordings folder, but not while C3 is up. You can do that off line and reload your players with the new named files later. You can also change the song naming conventions at Tools>Options>Recording>Location and Filename.


p.s Thanks to Terry Britton for corrections and additions …


@dave_dore, actually you can rename your recordings right from the left-window list, and it will rename the files on the hard drive at the same time. I do that every single day! :slight_smile:

Just right-click on the name and select “Rename” and it is done! (Both the WAV and the MIDI files get renamed at the same time.)


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Thanks for the correction Terry, I’m forgetful that way…:smile:


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In fact I will correct my post to reflect your assistance, Thanks again.

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