How can I turn off sustain pedal for my drum vst?

When I am using a drum vst (spark from Arturia) playing live, I don’t want that my sustain pedal affects the drums…help mehelp me… I am using Cantabile Solo.

Hey Karl,

Here’s an example using VB3 instead of Spark.

Right click on the desired vsti you want to filter and select MIDI Filters and choose ‘Suppress Events’

Suppress CC# 64 and click ok.

Now the vsti will ignore sustain CC signals.


This “Suppress CC# 64” will show up automatically in your second picture when I am pushing my sustain pedal?

I have seen now that you have compiled 64 in a box…many :heart::heart::heart: for your help.

Hi Karl,

I think these type of filters must be entered manually. Learn mode doesn’t do these assignments afaik.