How can I set the metronome always running?


Hey guys, I want the metronome always running so the drummer can tune in on it whenever he wants.
But seems the metronome only sounds when the song is playing?


In the long run I’d suggest to use a dedicated metronome-plugin. This has several advantages.
One them is you could use the metronome-sound to sidechain other plugins. Gives a great pumping-effect.
Also your issue should be gone.


Hey Sven,

The metronome can only be started and stopped from the Main transport. To separate it from the media players you have the reserve the main transport for the metronome and use bindings to control the media players that are separate from the main transport. Note the transport is set to Metronome. You can create control buttons for the media players on the control bar or your keyboard. This way the metronome is always on for every song and separated from controlling the media players either separate or slaved.



good idea for that trigger in the binding, let’s try that
ok, worked great !!! :slight_smile:


Here’s an example with a manual control for the mediaplayer as a binding …