How can I do that in C3?

Coming from Cantabile 2 I am a little lost with C3 and need some help…
I’m able to set a rack with a VSTi plugin, everything is ok.
But my main use of Cantabile is:
MIDI recording only
MIDI Keyboard> Scarlett 6i6 > MIDI Output > DB50XG (external synth) > DB50XG-Audio > Scarlett 6i6 > Monitor
With C2 it’s very easy, everything is in one single line:
Rack 1 - Midi In - Channel No. - Send to (Default MIDI output).
I’m not able to do that with C3. I can select input port, but nothing happens when I click on Output port…
And it’s impossible to insert a rack from a C2 file…
What am I missing ?
Thanks for your help !
(Anyway that’s not a big deal, I can still use C2 for this purpose,…)

OK, I found it ! :slight_smile:
Instead of clicking in the “preset” column I clicked on the blue button just below “add route”.:confused:
Merci !

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Hi Gaston,

Recording in v3 has changed from how it worked in v2 and it now based around recording input/output ports.

You say you have a VSTi working, Let’s assume you have your MIDI is coming in on Main Keyboard and audio going out on Main Speakers.

  • You can record the audio by selecting the Main Speakers port in the recorder panel
  • You can record the incoming MIDI by selecting the Main Keyboard port in the recorder panel
  • You can select both to record the MIDI and Audio.

There’s a complete walkthrough of using the recorder here.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood the issue or have other questions.


Thanks Brad ! Now I got it all !
In fact the trouble was only in my old tired neuron … :slight_smile: