Host automation gone from B-5

I have a rack with the Acoustic Samples B-5. I went through every setting on it, right clicked, set up host automation, and then check off everything in the state behavior window. I then used to states to create a bunch of different sounds that I could change without having to use the entire bank function. Everything worked great until today. I noticed in my Acoustic Samples account that there had been an update of the sound set since I bought it. So I loaded it and then opened up my B-5 rack. All the draw bar automation and switches had stayed, however, everything from speaker preferences and advanced preferences had been cleared. I had kept the old sound set, but when I deleted the new one and replace it with the old, everything was still gone. Any ideas what to do? I had lots of speaker prefernces and eq in those sounds and I don’t want to start over again.

Ouch. Have you contacted Acoustic Samples about this? Is this something they’ve said they’ve removed or could it be oversight/bug?


No, this just happened within the past few hours. There is still the ability to go and reassign everything, but I don’t remember what everything was. The only thing I changed was the new ufs file, which I think is the soundbank. I would think that going back to the original would do the trick. Do you know if UVI workstation which handles the B-5 this plugin has some sort of settings file that needs to be restored also? I looked but I can’t find one…

Sorry not sure off hand. I’d ping Acoustic Samples - see if you can get clarification.

@bartok2112 I bought B5 after the update. One of the irritations I have experienced is that I have not been able to save the preferences you described. I can save drawbars and such, but the parameters remain as you left them last. I believe it has been addressed on their site and there was a mention by AS that they were not aware it was not saving parameters and would fix it on an update. Of course, that was approx 2 months ago. That is the main reason I do not use it in my live setup.



After doing a lot of testing and research, the preference settings have to be saved in presets menu. To retrieve what you saved there, you will have to load it through the same menu. I understand you can setup global prefs the same way. If you saved your settings through that menu, they should still be where you originally saved them. The default save is in documents folder. The ufs is just the soundset as I understand it. I hope this helps.