Holidays, side projects and new writing

Hey All,

Just a quick update on what’s happening here…

As you’ve probably guessed I’ve been in half holiday mode for a few weeks now - all I’ve been doing is a couple of small bug fix builds an update to this community server software and email support.

I’ve also been continuing to play around with “C-minor” - the scripting language I’m developing that might one day end up in Cantabile. It’s progressing nicely and I’m going to keep working on this as a side project to Cantabile.

I’ve also started writing series of articles called “How to Write a Compiler” (based on C-minor) - primarily because it helps to clarify my own thoughts and understanding of it, but also others might find it interesting. If you’re interested, you can find the articles on the Topten Software blog. I’m aiming to publish one article per week with the second one scheduled for tomorrow. If you want to comment there (and please do if you feel so inclined) you can subscribe as a free member.

From now until early Feb, I’m going to travelling interstate to visit family. I’ll be checking in here and email but only sporadically. On returning Cantabile development will ramp up to full speed again.

Stay tuned!



@brad enjoy the road trip. You’ve earned it with what you have delivered this year

I am close to finishing my new show now, and as usual Cantabile has handled everything I have thrown at it

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Thanks @Derek. Always nice to hear when Cantabile is working well!

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With the type of show I am doing (improvisational looping, not linear) I have had to rethink my approach to DMX lights and the new visuals I am doing with Imaginando Visual Synthesizer (which is a little quirky, but a great product).

This has required a lot of thinking on how to achieve this and Cantabile routes, filters (why I was asking about scripting in filters as an improvement opportunity), racks, a MIDI CC envelope VST have allowed me to achieve that.

When time permits I’ll do a guide on it.

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Nice, looking forward to reading it Brad.
I’m sure it will be better than my compilers module at uni.

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