Hold message - Automatic sustain

how can I send a hold command along with a note played on my keyboard and then cancel the command with the same note played again.
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Have you taken a look at the sostenuto filter? It doesn’t quite work the same way, but you might be able to work with it. Play a note and then send CC66=127, then release the note. Later, to cancel send CC66=0.

Alternatively, you could build a script with ReaJS that does what you want.



Hi Alex,

There’s also a MIDI route filter called sticky notes that does that if you have solo or performer version


Hi Dave, wow, just what I need. Thanks a lot.

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Yup, that one is perfect for looping samples or drones! The caveat on the “sticky” filter is that it applies to all notes played on that route. If you want to apply this to only some notes (keep them sounding while others don’t stick), you’ll have to look at alternative approaches (see above)

That’s Cantabile - an extremely powerful toolbox; often, there are multiple ways of achieving things!

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Hi Torsten, thanks.