Hmmm, recording and playing back MIDI to edit songs/states/patches

One of the great things about Cantabile Performer is that you can create VERY complicated setups. My main setup has the following:
Two keyboards

  • Upper on MIDI channel 1
  • Lower on MIDI channel 2
  • A drawbar controller (setup as an input within my Hammond linked rack)
  • A Minimoog-style controller (within my Mini-V linked rack) .

When I try to set volumes, alter patches, add effects, it’s hard to do while I’m playing - especially with the more complicated patches. I record MIDI from both keyboards and I can play them back through the Media Player, but I have to route them directly to an individual output (rack or plugin), and then all of the splits, mults, etc. get lost.

What I’d like to do is record the MIDI and then route it through the Media Player into the keyboard inputs (e.g. lower or upper).

The other alternative is to record the outputs of the individual keyboards into a DAW (Sonar for me), and use Sonar to play them back through a loopback driver. This is less optimal since I have to bounce back and forth between Sonar and Cantabile.

Anyone run into this before?

Here are some screen grabs of Birdland

Hi Patrick,

I’ve been doing exactly the same thing like you want to do now by using two machines. One for my Keys in conjunction with Cantabile and the other in my studio with DAW.
Therefor I bought an iConnectivity mio10:
The mio10 has the possibility to connect multiple computers over USB and much more.

If you want arrange everything in just one machine I’d recommend using BOME MIDI Translator Pro for this purpose:

With BOME you should be able to manage your MIDI flow over Virtual Midi Hubs and send your midi devices to Cantabile and your DAW on one machine.

As far as I know Cantabiles Mediaplayer is a great tool, but can’t be a substitution for your DAW.

Best regards,

OK. Will make it happen that way.