Higher resource use experimental ver 3147

Hi All,

Has anyone been testing the odd numbered builds? I was looking at ver 3147 today and the resource meter went from about 25% to 55% on a project with Kontakt and a Lotary leslie plug. It was enough to cause audio dropouts. I reverted to 3146 and the behavior goes back to expected.

Interesting - I’ll have to check that also. I wonder if it has to do with the new Visual Studio 2015 version being used?


Interesting. I’m seeing Kontakt (running a multi with half a dozen sounds on different channels) adding about 4-5% to the load in build 3147. Not sure how that compares with 3146, but I suspect it’s about the same.


Hi Dave,

I didn’t notice anything like that in my testing but will check it out again here and see if that happens for me. When you say resource meter do you mean Cantabile’s load meter or CPU usage in Task Manager.

If you have time, could you please switch back and forth between the two builds a few times and see if you can really nail down if this is because of the VS build.


I got to look at this some more and I haven’t been able to reproduce. Even when switching back and forth between the 3146 and 3147 the load was the same with the same song. I was talking about the Cantabile load meter before. I think this was a fluke but will watch for it and if I can reproduce I will report. Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.