High Time Load on Setlist Open

I recently encountered an issue with one of my two live performance laptops, where upon initial Setlist load, the “time load” percentage hovers above 100% and glitches badly until I toggle off and back on the audio engine via the “power button” in the upper right corner. My time load then drops down to what I consider normal range, 30-40% and remains there, never again approaching 100%.

Mind you, I employ mostly sampled sounds in linked racks along with a lot of effects and channel strips. My other laptop does not exhibit this same “high time load on setlist load” behavior. Both laptops are running Windows 11 23H2 and the latest C4 (build 4168) on fast, modern Ryzen 7 laptops with 64GB and 4TB SSDs.

This behavior just started recently and I can’t trace it to any other changes I’ve made. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Steinberg UR22C ASIO and USB drivers, but the issue persists (and just on the one laptop).

Has anyone ever encountered this issue, or have any theories on what could be causing it?


So this is happening on both laptops. By reinstalling older versions, I traced it to starting in build 4161. Build 4060 works fine on both machines, while 4061 introduces high time load on C4 initial load/startup until I toggle off and back on the audio engine. It almost seems like the engine is running single core mode until I toggle the audio engine. Is anyone else seeing anything similar since build 4161?

I don’t know that i’ve noticed anything different since Build 41xx, but i often find that an excessive time load requires toggling the audio engine to get back to a reasonable time load. (I think this has been discussed a while back, not sure there was any closure.)

– Jimbo

I’m seeing a drastic difference in builds 4161 and later. No problem on 4160.

@Brad, did anything having to do with the audio engine change in build 4161?

Hi Bruce,

I can’t see anything in the changes between 4160 and 4161 that would affect this.

Just to be clear, are we talking about “time load” (ie: processing load) or load time (the time to load a set list)?


Time load percent as displayed by $(Load)

Correct. Time Load (percentage). Over 100% and glitching until I stop and restart the audio engine. It then immediately drops to under 50%.

If this cannot be fixed, can someone help me with a binding that will trigger at startup to toggle the audio engine off and back on?

Hi Bruce,

Here’s the simplest form you place in the BG rack, it might require a delay depending on your system.

You can also use a rack load binding in the BG rack to do it on startup.


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Thanks, Dave! I’ll give this a go this evening and report back.

Dave, the first option works great! It introduces a slight delay during startup, but my time load is within normal range on build 4168. Without the background rack binding, it’s over 100%, so there is still something broken in all builds after 4160.

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