High CPU on Idle - SOLVED

I just recently experienced the following behaviour:

When i load a setlist (pre-load is activated), cantabile causes a very high cpu-load.
Depending on the size of the setlist, the cpu-load is about 30 - 50%.
The Time Load is very low at about 15%.

Turning off the audio engine doesnt change the high cpu-load. Even with the audio engine turned off, cantabile causes a 44% cpu-load. The time-load is at 0% when turning the audio engine off.

Did anybody experience the same behaviour?

Laptop: Thinkpad P15v, i7-10875H,
BIOS: hyper-threading, Intel speedstep, CPU power management are turned off
RME Fireface UCX - latest drivers installed
Cantabile 3.0 build 3640

I don’t experience that behavior, but if it were me, I would run the profiler within Cantabile (under view menu) just to see what culprit is causing the large load.


Hi Corky,
i already did.
the profiler doesn’t show a large load.
Only the cpu-load is high.

As you can see in the screenshots: time load = low , cpu-load = high

Hmmm. I do notice on your task mgr “Cantabile.win (2)”. Are you running 2 instances of Cantabile?

2 processes seems to be open within Cantabile.
i guess that’s why there is a (2)

Cantabile CPU_2


the second task is not a second instance of Cantabile. It’s “Protected Object Server” (no, I don’t know what the hell is that). :thinking:

I’m unable to reproduce what is happening to Steffen, anyway. Usually, I do experience high Time Load with low CPU (heavy plugs).

Oops, sorry Steffen, the usual overlapping.

Protected Object Server seems to be a e-licenser related task. It appeared loading the Vienna Bosendorfer.


That makes sense. The e-licenser must be constantly searching for what it wants, whether it wants internet connection or update.


You saved my Gig!

I turned on the internet and the high cpu-load is gone.
more Details later…

Wow - this is interesting. I also have e-licenser and experienced the same problem a while ago!

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That’s great Steffen! Glad to hear this was solved.

Sooo, i did the gig last night without problems.

I need the e-licenser for HalionSonic and Nexus and never had a problem.
Just recently i added Roland Zenology and the new Korg Triton extreme to my setup. Both have an extra licence software installed.
As i am using the Korg M1 VST for years without problems, i think the Roland cloud app might have caused the trouble. I’ll have to take a closer look later.

Thank you again for solving this problem!
It was 10min before the first set when i turned on the internet.

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Exactly why I dropped Roland. Even though I own several Roland Hardware modules, their soft synths weren’t worth the headache. Any developer requiring an internet connection is detrimental to live performance IMHO. In today’s world, it’s fairly easy to get the sound you want with many different vsts. Glad you worked everything out.


100% agree (I found a working JV-1080 with four exp. boards during last cleanup… still good strings and pads, no latency :joy:)

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So, just to clarify - turning on the Internet allowed the eLicenser or Roland Cloud to “complete their intended mission” and get on with their life, after which the CPU load calmed down immediately?


I think it was similar to Windows wanting to update, and just keeps searching until you go online. I had that problem sometime back, and I had to delete the culprit, as it was eating 80% of my CPU load. I figure the eLicenser needed to be online to run the ridiculous Roland Cloud. These developers that require an internet connection to run their software have no clue that their plugins are being used more in a live situation, than in a studio. Again, the reason I dropped Roland. It is a bad business model. When I purchase a product, I should own it, and use it how I want. If not, I don’t need it. Who needs to be at a gig, and a plugin decides it wants to call home? From what I’ve read, Roland has suffered from this “rent a plug” model.

I didn’t realize Roland Cloud was using eLicenser as its software behind the scenes.

I do use an actual hardware eLicenser dongle for Vienna Ensemble Pro.

I am attached to the Internet at all times, so this issue never caught up with me.


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I have several iLok plugs, but I never have to go online except to update a plugin. iLok has finally become usable, but I remember the days when studios using Pro-Tools or Cubase would be down for days with crappy iLok dongles. The software dongles are mostly reliable now. I don’t know if Roland uses eLicenser as it’s software, because I left them when this “Cloud” concept started.


My eLicenser is used for Cubase and the Vienna Bösendorfer (Imperial Piano a.k.a. 290). Whether Internet is connected or not, I never experienced high cpu problems. Same for iLok.

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The Cpu-load was gone the moment i turned on the internet.
I am very sure the e-licenser is not the problem. I’m using the elicenser-dongle for more than 10 years without any problem.