Hiccups with hanging notes

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I am having intermittent problems of hanging notes. It hasn’t happened live yet, although it is probably only a matter of time. I set the set list to preload, and can sometimes have 8 or 9 plug-ins loaded at anyone time. Apart from it happening more often just after start up, there doesn’t appear to be a pattern. Any suggestions?

Hi David and Welcome to the Forum!

This probably related to your hardware from most experience here. Cantabile has good MIDI monitoring and logging in the diagnostics area of Options. The M-Audio Code series had inherent hardware issues in this way as does my Axiom rev 1. I hope you can trap the issue but some diagnostic logs would be helpful to Brad the developer if you can catch it in the act and have a generated log file.

Hope this gets you the answers. :slight_smile:



Hi Dave,

I haven’t had it happen live yet either (Axiom 1st Gen) but have had it happen while practicing. Did you ever make any changes to minimize the issue?

Hi Doug,

In my case no, I try to stay away from smears or flourishes that (I think) swamp the key mux circuit and/or the MIDI encoder and it seems fine but if I really start doing the more frantic note attacking is when it catches. Sorry I don’t have more for you on the Axiom. FWIW in the case of the Code series there was a fix you could perform by remove a connector internally. I forget which one but there was a thread on the site if I recall correctly that spoke of it and some users did the surgery.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the detail - I’ve been using my Axiom for organ and doing palm smears but not in the aggressive way you would playing live. Will report back here after more experimentation.


In performing this past Friday and Saturday, I used my E-MU X-Board as the upper keys, and an M-Audio Oxygen as my lower. Whenever I smeared the E-MU, it only hung once. Not so with the M-Audio. Every smear to the highest note would cause it to hang. I was outside on Saturday night, and the humidity and light drizzle didn’t help the situation. I can’t run a test during a gig, so I hope to recreate it at home. More than likely, it is the hardware. @dave_dore Have you discovered any info on the M-Audio and a possible fix?

Don’t forget there’s also this command:

If that reports anything held, then it’s an external to Cantabile problem. If not it’s either Cantabile routing or plugin issue.



Hi Corky,

I’m sorry to say it but no, I just cylcle it off and on again when it gets me …



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Ok. Thanks Dave!!