Hi, I'm new. I wanted to say that I love Cantabile!

Hi, I’m new. I just wanted to say that I love Cantabile. Low latency, gets my head out of the grid mode, great for jam sessions, easy to grasp all the midi and audio routing, can keyboard map, layer sounds, and add effects very easily quickly. I always start with something simple and it turns into a beautiful beast. For sequencing, I use various HY-Plugins sequencers, Chutlu, and the TR-909 VST. For LFO’s I use Cableguys’ MidiShaper (and sometimes use it as a midi pass-through as well). I have a wide variety of instrument VST’s, including Roland Cloud, EW Bosendorfer, IK Multimedia Hammond B3, many IK Sampletank libraries, IK Miroslav, Modo Bass, Modo Drums, Xpand!2, and many others.

My next project is to get the Octatrack to work with Cantabile, so I may have some questions in the future about clock sync, etc.


Hi David, and welcome to the forum. Questions are always welcome as well.



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Update: I got the Octatrack to send MIDI clock to Cantabile. I can start/stop & change tempo on the Octatrack and it does it in real-time in Cantabile. Really great!


Actually, I wanted to say something similar so I just reply here. :slight_smile:

I’m using Cantabile Solo for a few weeks now and I’m absolutely blown away. Was looking for a VST host to have a secondary machine as a musical sketch book and running some outsourced soft synths to be handed over digitally (S/PDIF) to the main music PC with Cubase. And gladly I found Cantabile. It is so versatile and it works like a charm, simply amazing.
I’m still getting to know all that Cantabile is capable of and I’m really looking forward to what is yet to come in the future.

As a side note: I’m a software developer myself and I know the huge (and I mean HUGE) amount of time and effort it takes to maintain and proceed such kind of software. Great job, Brad!