Hey guys looking for some help with something odd, a bit overwhelmed :P

Hey guys ive been using cantabile for some time now to hook vst plugins through voicemeeter banana for my mic, so that my stream can hear me live, and so that the people im talking to in discord with can also hear me the same when im live or not.
Ive recently setup a reverb plugin through cantabile and i actually have no idea how to research or well google how to set up keybinds for anything in here.
I dont even know if what im trying to is even possible.
Ive currently got my input port going to two places and can just enable/disable routes to switch my reverb on and off, the reverb is also going through a reacomp and reafir vst plugin. Is there any way i can key bind this or another way for me to go about setting up some kind of binding so i can quickly toggle different routes or plugins on off while im streaming?

Sorry im hoping this all makes sense i feel kinda blind when it comes to messing with cantabile im honestly surprised ive managed to get this all working as is cuz im so software inept sometimes lol.

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Hi Robert,

Yes, depending on the version C3 are you using. For Lite there are not bindings included, but for Solo and Performer there are. The question then is what do want to use to toggle? A controller or a soft switch inside Cantabile?


hey thanks a bunch yeah im using lite, do i have to pay for the other versions and are they any harder to setup than lite… also can i just install over lite without losing settings and such?
Im trying to set it up as a keyboard shortcut but ideally i was gonna have that keyboard shortcut on a usb foot pedal setup on my laptop sending the key binding through voice meeter banana :stuck_out_tongue:

also thought i should throw another quick question in here that came up before making a new thread, ive got my audio is it peaking? really hard like the level hits the orange and before thats where my compressor would kick in and bring my audio levels down but now it just gets this nasty distortion out of the blue. It shouldnt be doing this though because the mic doesnt do this if i turn cantabile off. Any idea what could be causing this?


Hi Robert,

Yes you have to pay, I think solo is up to the job and yes you can easily install over lite and lose none of your work. You just add new features to your existing songs you made in Cantabile.

It sounds like the mic input on Cantabile should be turned down but also it sounds like the limiter is either off or over driven. The limiter is in Tools>Options>Audio Engine. see picture


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So id be looking for cantabile solo to get the binds? Okay thanks.

So im not sure why out of the blue this problem started happening its been a few days of it happening now. I checked for the output limiter and its on just as in your picture. Whats happening is when it hits orange it starts getting distorted, and it didnt used to do this. If i just dont use cantabile then i dont have the distrotion either it can go through to OBS and i can send it out to twitch youtube and mixer without anyone hearing the distortion. Lemme know if u can think of anything else to try, thanks so much.

I think @terrybritton might be able to help sort it or know what’s cooking.


Thanks for the tag, @dave_dore!

There are two ways to get signal from Voicemeeter to Cantabile - one is to use a loopback cable or other method to make an output become a new input (don’t know what audio interface you are using, so we’ll pass on discussing that for now) or by using Voicemeeter’s ASIO interface to Cantabile using the ASIO INSERTS method. Banana has the ability to assign any output through inserts pre-fader to Cantabile, and Cantabile then sends the resulting processed audio back to Voicemeeter.

It CAN be a bit tricky sometimes to get it to sync right between Voicemeeter and Cantabile - remedied by simply switching Cantabile’s “power” button on and off a few times till it “catches” but the method is easy. These videos explain how it is done. In the ARC2 video, that is only being used to process my output to the speakers, but the principles are the same.

Ask if you have any questions either here or at the YouTube channel’s comments.



Thanks for that terry.
I got a lot to say so lemme try to condense it to be as short as i can.

First a teeny bit of back story. I’m a streamer who is as a lot of streamers broke(this is why ive not set up a proper hardware mixer). Im using OBS to send out the stream and capture the audio that i have mixed through voicemeeter banana. I learned about cantabile and love it but the current problem and the key binding issue are big issues for me atm. Also i already have set up the asio thing. However, i dont think asio is needed for that is it? All i know is i tick the in 1 left and right patch inserts i think, to get my audio into cantabile pre fader and back out to voicemeeter and it sort of works.

The main problem im having is that for some reason when im trying to use my VST plugins with cantabile (and now minihost modular standalone from the fl studio ppl too) I get this nasty distortion when talking at high levels/volumes. I can scream into my mic with voicmeeter and OBS and the VST plugins within OBS can do its thing just fine (reacomp compressor, reafir subtractive eq) but when i try to use cantabile or minihost when i hit a specific level or volume the audio just gets distorted i dont even have to be raising my voice to get the audio completely just disgusting.

The reason i need vst not in OBS is so i can try to apply key binding to enable/disable specific vst’s on the fly like reverb, also so that my community that is in the discord with me live can hear the effects of the vst plugins.

This next bit is sort of unrelated but another issue im totally overwhelmed by rn. Spent 2 days trying to set this all up and am about to spend all of today trying again to setup what i need but with asio.

My other issue lately has been a ton of crackling and mild audio drop outs or pops which i get but luckily doesnt seem to get through to the stream, but what does happen is i get some glitches and audio leaks caught in the stream that i just cant have. I tried making the switch to asio4all with voicemeeter but i cant find any videos that explain how to use asio4all or anything like that to allow me to do what im doing with VMB currently, I have 3 different inputs alongside my windows audio that im trying to capture and send to OBS on individual tracks for mixing live and post. I also have one of those inputs set up to not be captured by stream but only be heard by me for alerts, notifications, laptop stuff i need to hear. Im using on board sound card from my asus rampage IV gene board to take all the inputs and outputs im using.

Heres something interesting tho as i tried figuring out what was wrong i stumbled across an old step i used to do for troubleshooting some audio issues in the past. I actually dont fully understand what im even looking at but the red is bad. I did manage to get this down to all green but thats when im not running everything i have running when im live streaming to twitch and other places.


What I am doing now is I am putting EVERYTHING through Cantabile and mixing through there, outputting it to a loopback in my audio interface (I’m utilizing the otherwise unused S/PDIF in and out on my MOTU Ultralite Mk3 hybrid at the moment) and in the Voicemeeter settings sending those S/PDIF channels as inputs now to the first hardware volume strip (as inputs 9/10). Then I still have the Voicemeeter VAIO and AUX inputs to use for media player or browser audio playback (by having Voicemeeter as the default playback device) and can play files into the system using either Voicemeeter’s “cassette” player, Cantabile’s media players, or both.

That way I can send my mic through any VST plugins I want right in Cantabile itself without fiddling around with the insert approach. I simply select my MOTU interface as the interface in Cantabile AND as the ASIO interface for A1 in Voicemeeter.

I think I feel another video coming on!!! :slight_smile:

I’m not clear whether you have a USB audio interface you can use or not. Having one makes this process a lot easier.


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BTW - I should tell you that if you are running Win10 that DPC Latency Checker no longer works with 10. Those readings are entirely misleading that you see there. Use LatencyMon instead.



Hey sorry for the super late reply had to deal with some weird computer issues, had a memory troubleshooting thing i was doing screw up my windows so i have just been taking my time getting everything back to normal after being forced to recover from an old windows back up :frowning:
Anyways id be down to check out a video because most of what you said in explaining your setup kinda went right over my head lol. I think i got out of that that your mixing everything through cantabile tho? I have no idea how i can replicate my voicemeeter setup to work in cantabile instead cantabile honestly confuses me way more maybe cuz its more technical or something, but voicemeeter ive figured out. I just really wanna be able to have a binding that would allow me to enable disable reverb, i also wanna do other effects too but for now reverb is the one im trying to attempt this with.
Also in the process of restoring from my backup i have no idea what is different as ive had to make sure everything is setup the same again but for whatever reason im not getting the nasty distortion i was getting in cantabile.
Ill give latencymon a try though because im still having to deal with my audio popping, crackling, and leaking (but only when obs is running now oddly enough).

Edit: so i ran latency mon lemme know if any of this looks like something i could try troubleshooting for my weird audio issue.

I made sure for like the millionth time that there is no power throttling and everything is set for max in the power settings because this used to be a problem when i didnt make my own power profile to keep everything running right.
Should i go tinker with audio drivers again disabling things to see if i can get this to drop like i did with dpc latency checker? I think the only drivers not disabled atm are all in use for streaming and comms, i cant turn any of them off without losing functionality in my setup. Im currently gonna go check about updating my bios cuz it has been a while.
Thanks again <3

Hey guys so i solved the latency issue but man was that a hellish experience, almost lost my windows install on troubleshooting it, the culprit was a logitech c920 webcam that when set up in obs to output its video format to anything but MJPEG would cause the latency spikes.
Anyways now i gotta get back to getting cantabile set up right again.
Is there anyway to hook cantabile through voicemeeter like ive been doing but post fader? That might be able to help the issue. I’m frustrated because my mic doesnt cause issues with the vst plugins when used in OBS, but cantabile cant seem to handle my mics volume levels or something :frowning:

Any ideas what i can try? <3

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