Hey group, is Ik Multimedia's Leslie effect plug-in compatible with Contablie?


Just bought the plug-in and works great but it seems that Cantabile doesnt “see” the plug-in. Any help would be greatly appreciated…



Hi Ed

Did you buy the T-Racks version? If you did, I think it defaults the dll to C:/Program Files (x86)/VST. You will have to direct Cantabile to that folder.
Tools>Options>Plugin Options>Add, then select the folder it is in.


Hey Corky,

I have the Amplitude version…possible same issue?


Yes. I have both. Give me a few and I’ll let you know the default folder.


Amplitube is in the same folder. You have to run Amplitube to get to the Leslie.
I will also post the link where I described how to use the automation, which you will need, if you don’t know how.


Here it is: