Hey group, is Ik Multimedia's Leslie effect plug-in compatible with Contablie?

Just bought the plug-in and works great but it seems that Cantabile doesnt “see” the plug-in. Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Hi Ed

Did you buy the T-Racks version? If you did, I think it defaults the dll to C:/Program Files (x86)/VST. You will have to direct Cantabile to that folder.
Tools>Options>Plugin Options>Add, then select the folder it is in.

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Hey Corky,

I have the Amplitude version…possible same issue?

Yes. I have both. Give me a few and I’ll let you know the default folder.

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Amplitube is in the same folder. You have to run Amplitube to get to the Leslie.
I will also post the link where I described how to use the automation, which you will need, if you don’t know how.

Here it is:

Sorry for the delay, found out what the problem was. You can treat it as an “audio” effect to route your instrument through then you have to have another track to send the “midi” signal to the IK Leslie vst. Any problems IM me and i can walk you through it…