Here's an idea I would love to see

I use a Surface Pro with Cantabile (works a treat) and would love an extra tab on the main screen that had one (or several) “pads” where I can touch and drag a point around in two axis to control something I assign in a vst (something sweepy in a synth etc)

Ableton has something similar…

Know what I mean?

Like this sort of thing? has some more like that.


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Noted. I’ve been thinking about something like this too. No promises yet though.

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It’s probably worth rolling that into something like a “Performance Mode”, with customizable faders, buttons, switches, and X/Y pads, that all work as internal MIDI controllers. Maybe with it’s own rack to manage it all.

Also a Surface Pro (4) user here. :grin:

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I’ve slowly been adapting my setup to become more portable. I’ve gone from 3 keyboards down to one XKEY 37! I can pretty much do everything I need on that with Cantabile on the Surface Pro. So now I’ve got my complete gig setup in my rucksack! The XKey is fantastic - but lacks controllers. So having some sliders, buttons, switches in Cantabile would be ideal. Happy to wait though! :grin:

They added an octave but doubled the price for that one octave - well, it still seems like a great little 37-key unit. Another interesting unit (especially for those who are wanting for a Roli) is the K-Board at $79 and $198 (Still, just 25-keys, but looks indestructible!)


K-board QNexus

Return to topic, please…


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