Here's a whacky suggestion... Notes view metronome flash?

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I have a couple songs where I need to be pretty cognizant of the metronome flash and I’m also glued in on my lyrics in the Notes screen. Would it be possible to actually sort of flash the whole notes screen to the metronome as sort of an overlay? I don’t know if a color flash or maybe just a brightness pulse would work. Obviously nothing that would give someone an epileptic seizure, but just a gentle change in tint would keep the part of my brain on time that needs to be while I read along. Of course, I don’t know if this would destroy the CPU load or not but I expect the machines most are running would have graphics up to the task. Dumb idea… or not? :wink:


Edit- we may wind up just running an audio click as a metronome but I’m trying to avoid it if possible.

Note that as well as the flashing tap tempo icon at the top you also get a flashing tap tempo button in the Controller Bar, which you can resize to be nice and wide (especially if you delete any unused custom buttons) - the result is a definite eye-catching flash!


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I saw that but hadn’t thought about resizing it, I’ll mess with that.

Hey @FredProgGH - let me know how you go with Neil’s suggestion.

Set List Maker/Band Helper on iOS does this and I find it quite helpful.

Resurrecting this topic… Having the ability to blink the BPM on a Cantabile Notes Screen would help me, too. Cantabile Notes are displayed at my feet while the laptop is behind me.

I’ve done something similar to this using a MIDI file as Master Transport source, outputting a repeated 1, 2, 3, 4 value of some CC on each beat. Then you can use the CC value to display a ball on the “1” or whatever you want to do with it.

– Jimbo

I’m not sure I follow this. Sounds like creating a MIDI file and output a CC of a repeatable sequence (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,… for a 4/4 song) then display the CC on the Show Notes.

Here’s the line i use to flash on beat 1:
$(((cc(54,15)) == 1) ? “•” : " ")

I hope that explains things a bit better.
– Jimbo

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I finally got it to work. I’m not familiar with that shorthand IF statement syntax, but I think the quotes around the dot were causing problems. When they were replaced with “regular” quotes, it worked like a charm. What I’m thinking is:

  1. Every song has to have a Media Player inserted and sending MIDI out to the onscreen keyboard.

  2. The Media Player has to play a BPM midi file with a sequential repeating CC (1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2… repeat if 4/4).

  3. If the song is 142 BPM, then the Media Player has to play a particular 142 BPM *.mid file. 123 BPM, play another *.mid file. All songs with same tempo play the same BPM file.

  4. Bind the play button to something to start with every song change (hopefully the program change, but I’ll need to verify). I need to think about that. I typically do not “play” anything such as a sequencer or backing track.

So I guess a 10 minute long BPM file for every required tempo has to be created and played by the Media Player? Or, is there a more eloquent way to do that?

That rolling CC concept with the if-statement really provides some ideas. Thank you.

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You can set the tempo in the Media File Properties in the Media player for a particular song. So no need to create a separate file for each tempo.

Yes. I missed that.

FYI. Having the Media player play a midi file to send a midi cc to blink a character in time with the beat works great on the notes screen of Cantabile Instance proper. However, the bandwidth to the WebServer seems to cause problems. Up to 120 BPM, the WebServer “ball” blinks fine. At about 130 BPM, the “ball” blink seems to skip every fifth blink. At higher BPM the misses increase. My system is an i5-3570K 3.4GHz with 16GB, so I don’t thinks it’s hardware.

FWIW, played midi file generates cc(54,15) as 1 on beat 1, 2, 3, 4 for 1/16 note and is cut off by a 0 at the end of every 1/16 note. Blinking dot is wonderful on the Cantabile Notes Screen, but hit/miss at >130BPM on WebServer.