Help with synth sounds

As everyone here probably knows, I’m a guitarist and basically synth illiterate… That said, I’m sequence savvy and want to do a project for my 11 yo and need a U2 “Streets With No Name” synth sound.

This kid may be a guitar phenom in the works, he locks tempo and nails dotted 1/8th delay and can play the tune with the record quite well. He’s already able to listen to new songs a couple of times and play the bulk of them complete with doing amp and delay settings with zero help from me. He’ll grab a guitar unprompted and play for hours pretty much every day.

His next big step in his guitar-Jedi training is to play in context of a credible click-tracked mix without the guitar parts being present to cue him. Which means dear old dad gets to put some tracks together for him.

I only have Dexed, Ultra Analog, OB-Xd, and the free Uhe synths. Anyone out there have insights on whether these are usable for this project and/or how to get a credible Streets sound? Don’t need dead ringer, just something credible. Willing to make a VSTi purchase if that’s what it takes.

I don’t hear a synth in this song. It is all guitar sounds.

Are you just looking for a backing arpeggiator?

The “organ” in the intro and exit is what I’m looking for.

I get it. You can get it from any of your listed synths. Check this out:

OK, so if I use the OB-Xd how to set it or is there a preset that I can work from?

As a side note, that tune is a great exercise in tempo and pocket. Extremely demanding in those regards.

Try Ultra Analog, Bank 1 - Ambient, Program 33 - Whispering Wind. It is close. There is an organ bank you can run through.

That one has fifth’s but I can deal with that, and get close enough. Thanks!

Oops…sorry. didn’t hear the 5th. That can be changed. Give me a little time, and I’ll hook you up.

I got something working by paralleling several sounds.

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