Help with setup for live performance

I am trying to run VST hosted instruments controlled by my keyboard controller(s).

This is for live performance only, no. I’m not the keyboard player (the drummer!), but the tech guy in the band with almost zero experience setting up midi controllers for patch changing and configuring a tool like Cantabile. The keyboard player will manage all patch changes via his keyboard controller(s) once they are set up. This is what I need help with.

Currently I have a midiplus X6 pro controller (willing to buy a different one if warranted)
Am going to use IK Multimedia Syntronik, iLectric, iGrand and some Organ VST. Maybe add something like Arturia suite later.

I have an i7 based pc with 16GB of ram and a 512GB solid state drive, and a Presonus Audiobox iTwo interface (can also replace if necessary).

I will gladly PAY someone who knows this stuff to help me set up and teach me how to make it all work. I’m not cheap, willing to pay a fair rate, just need someone with the expertise to help me! I am located in California. Any takers…

Thanks! Tom You can email me at or call me at 831.578.3839

Hi Tom and Welcome,

Could you post a list of the hardware controllers and Audio interface box(s) you have and the VST instruments you are thinking about using for whoever does try to help you out? Also, as the tech guy are you responsible for the patch changes off stage and the performers just expect the correct patches to pop up correctly on their controllers or do they want to change their own patches? Just trying to get more details …

Also, in case you didn’t see the resources area at the main site here are the links to have for reference …

Cheers :grinning:


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