Help with resetting a linked rack

Scenario: I have B3-X in a linked rack, with some basic drawbar (controller) settings. While play “Song 1” which includes the rack, i’ll be working the drawbars and end up with a different sound than what was originally saved with the rack. Then changing to “Song 2”, which uses the same linked rack, the sound still has the drawbar settings where i left them at the end of “Song 1”.

What i would like to happen is for the organ to revert to the settings that were saved in the rack. In fact, if i select some song that doesn’t use the rack and then select “Song 2”, the drawbar settings are re-initialized as i’d like. I understand that this is normal behaviour for a linked rack, that it only remains loaded when it’s used in consecutive songs, but what i’m looking for is some way to reset the rack drawbar settings without reloading the rack. I had hoped that the Rack Reset command might do that, but no dice. (As a second question – what does the Rack Reset command do anyway ?)

Thanks for any assistance,
– Jimbo

Hey Jim,

It sounds like you need to do the following. Go inside the rack and get the state behaviors for the B-3X up. Select the rack state you want to rig up so it loads the drawbars to where you want them. Them select the draw bars you want the reset in the states behaviors list and right click. Then select save capture default behaviors.

SnapShot 4842

After that they will be marked like this

SnapShot 4843

Add this binding to the rack to auto reset to default on song load.

That’s what I would try, it works for me.



Ah, that was easy ! I figured Rack Reset must be part of it, just missed the bit with setting up the parameters for Capture Defaults.

Thanks loads - this forum is the greatest ! :smiley:

– Jimbo

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